Testing Information for Students

Before Scheduling

  1. Register with the Disability Resource Center.
  2. Contact your access consultant at the beginning of each semester. You will need  an updated accommodation letter which includes testing accommodations for the semester to schedule exams within the Disability Resource Center.  
  3. Meet with and/or contact your instructors to deliver your letter and discuss your accommodations.
  4. Before scheduling your exams online, contact your instructors to discuss receiving accommodations with the department. Please refer them to this website if they have questions about accommodations or let them know we can be utilized as a resource by phone or email.
  5. If an instructor is unable to provide accommodations within the department, ask your instructor for the following information:
    • Exam and/or Quiz dates
    • Exam start times (e.g. Is the quiz at the start of class, or at the end?)
    • Duration: Amount of time class receives
    • Materials allowed
    • Who they would like the exam request to be sent to: Instructor or TA?
  6. If the course does not require a physical proctor for quizzes or exams, we typically do not administer the quiz or exam within our office. If you have access concerns, please reach out to your access consultant prior to scheduling the exam within our office.


To Schedule an Exam

Please visit the Student Portal to schedule exams online.

Scheduling Expectations

  • Schedule exams at the same time as the class, unless:
    • you have made arrangements with your instructor,
    • you have time of day accommodations,
    • you have a night class; the exam must be scheduled within the Testing Center business hours
  • To reschedule an exam, you will need to get approval from your instructor before changing the date or time of your exam. Best practice is to send an email to your instructor that specifically states the updated time/date and cc drctest@umn.edu directly on this correspondence. Once we receive your instructor’s approval, we will adjust accordingly.
    • Rather than creating a new exam request for the updated date/time, please email or call us to modify the existing exam record.
    • If we have not received the student’s reschedule request and instructor’s approval by 12pm the day prior, the request is not likely to be accommodated.
  • Schedule your exams online 7 days, or more, in advance. Anything less than 7 days away will be considered late, but can still be scheduled online. Our portal will notify you of how many late schedules you have used.
    • Late requests will be accepted based upon space availability and contingent on the instructor’s ability to get the exam to us on time.
    • If you have had 3 late schedules and need to schedule another late exam, you will first need to schedule an appointment with your access consultant and a testing coordinator to discuss scheduling barriers. This meeting must take place before the next exam can be scheduled.
    • Late requests for next day exams need to be received by noon the day prior.
    • Same day exam requests are unlikely to be accommodated.

Waived Accommodations

Waiving an accommodations provides documentation that the accommodation was provided but not utilized. Accommodations can be waived either during the scheduling process or after you have completed an exam.

You will be able to waive an accommodation during the scheduling process if you know you will not utilize that accommodation during the exam.

Or you will be able to waive an accommodation during the exam checkout process after your exam is finished.

Updates or Cancellations

If you have an exam that requires a scheduling change or cancellation, email your instructor and copy drctest@umn.edu in the same email message. All exam changes must have instructor approval.

The DRC Testing Center staff will make changes to exam requests as space is available and confirm any processed changes with you and the instructor via email.


If you are enrolled in a Physics Course, you need to send your accommodation letter to the Physics front office at physics@umn.edu as well as your instructor.  The Physics front office will then send you an email with instructions on how exams in Physics are handled with the DRC Testing Center.


Taking College of Continuing Education (CCE), Independent Distance Learning (IDL) and Online Distance Learning (ODL) exams in the DRC Testing Center requires 2 steps:

  1. At least 1 week before the exam, the student must fill out the Disability Resource Center Exam Request Form through the ODL website.
  2. At least 1 week before the exam, the student must submit a request to test in the DRC Testing Center via the Student Portal. Please make sure you check the ODL box on the Request form.

Language Placement Exams (LPE)

There are 3 required parts to a Language Placement Exam (LPE): Writing, Reading and Listening.

The LPE office is able to work with you and provide accommodation for all three sections of the LPE exam. However, if your accommodations require specific technology, the writing portion is the only portion that can be taken through the DRC Testing Center. Schedule this portion of the exam online as you would any other, but in the notes section please state that it is the LPE Writing.

The Reading and Listening parts should be scheduled through Joanne Peltonen in the CLA Language Center. Email her your accommodation letter at langtest@umn.edu, and your preferred exam date and time. She'll check to make sure you can still be accommodated through the CLA office.

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

The DRC Testing Center serves many students with a variety of needs. Please be respectful while testing in or visiting our facility. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct.

The DRC Testing Center staff will treat you with courtesy and respect. They will make every effort to have your exam and materials ready by the scheduled start time. If you have a question during your exam, we will do our best to contact your instructor.

Academic Integrity

Phones, watches, calculator lids, and materials not explicitly allowed during your exam are not permitted in the testing spaces. All items need to be put away prior to the start of your exam and cannot be accessed during your exam.

Please note, phones cannot be on your person. If a phone is suspected you will be asked to turn out your pockets. If a phone is found on your person, regardless of use, DRC staff will end your exam in the DRC, notify your instructor, and file a report with the Office of Community Standards.

The Disability Resource Center Testing Center expects all students to adhere to the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Student Conduct Code.

The Office for Community Standards is responsible for administering student discipline.

This year we are piloting the use of cameras in private testing spaces in the DRC.  The purpose of this pilot is to strengthen academic and exam integrity and to improve student safety in private spaces. The cameras are visible and mounted to the wall in the testing spaces.  The video streams will be accessible only by the DRC.  The videos will be monitored by proctors, and stored on a secure server for approximately one month.  As always, we encourage you to do what you need to do during your exam in the DRC, such as monitoring your health, standing and stretching, or speaking out loud.

If you have any questions or concerns about the cameras, please contact your Access Consultant.