Department Resources for Administering Exams with Accommodations

Administer Accommodated Exams in Your Department

It is beneficial for students and faculty for exams to be taken as close to the rest of the class and as close to simultaneously as possible. We encourage instructors to provide accommodations within the department when possible. 

Review Student Accommodation Letter

Consider testing accommodations listed in a student’s accommodation letter such as extended time/duration, space needs, etc. If you have questions about providing specific testing accommodations, please connect with your student and the access consultant who signed the letter. 

Reserve a Testing Space:

When making arrangements for a testing space, it is important to reserve a private or semi-private space as specified in a student’s accommodations letter. 

  • The Office of Classroom Management is an excellent resource for finding available spaces. You can search by General Purpose Classroom or Departmental  rooms.
  • Reserve an appropriate room (conference room, private  office) in your department.

Prepare the Testing Space

If you decide to administer the test in or near the department or main classroom, please consider providing the following:

  • Clock or a timer accessible to the student
  • Extra exam resources (scratch paper, bubble sheet, pencils, erasers, etc)
  • A proctor or someone who can check in on the student and is aware of the start and end times of the exam
  • Ways to contact you during the exam
  • Storage area for backpack/materials not to be used during the exam

Contact us at [email protected]  or 612.624.1666 with any questions.