Graduate and Professional Students

The Disability Resource Center is committed to serving graduate and professional students across University programs and disciplines. Students can begin working with the DRC at any point in their degree program and academic career. 

Visit our Get Connected page to learn more about how to begin working with our office.

About the DRC

The DRC works with students who have various disabilities and health conditions, including less-apparent disabilities like chronic health and mental health. We are a confidential office, and recognize that disclosing disability and health status can be complex. 

The DRC uses an interactive process to determine reasonable accommodations that provide equitable access while maintaining essential requirements and learning objectives. Accommodations may relate to any aspect of your experience as a graduate or professional student, including coursework, programmatic milestones like preliminary exams, housing, teaching, research, field work, clinical placements, internships, and more. At your first appointment, the Access Consultant that you meet with will work with you to explore accommodations and relevant resources for what you are navigating. 

The DRC also works with faculty and departments to consider accessibility and inclusion within their coursework, programs and curriculum. We collaborate with campus partners to advocate for system changes that improve University climate and advance University policy. 

Visit these links if you are a student in an Academic Health Center (AHC) program or the Law School.


Contact our front desk at [email protected], call 612-626-1333, or visit our Get Connected page.