Schedule Exams

Schedule exams through the OneDRC Portal

How to schedule exams with the DRC Testing Center


Scheduling Expectations: 

DRC Testing Center - Scheduling Expectations (PDF)

Schedule exams at the same time as the class, unless:

  • you have made arrangements with your instructor,
  • you have an accommodation to test at a specific time of day,
  • you have a night class, in which case the exam must be scheduled within the Testing Center’s business hours (Monday-Thursday: 8am-6pm, Friday: 8am-5pm)
  • To cancel an exam, please call or email the DRC Testing Center at [email protected] or (612) 624-1666.

Due to limited space and staffing, please schedule your exams online at least seven days in advance. 

Tip: Review all exam dates listed on your course syllabi. You can schedule exams according to the dates and times provided by your instructor.


Late schedules   

  • Requests made less than seven days prior to the exam date will be considered ‘late’, but can still be scheduled online. 
  • Requests for next-day exams need to be received by 12:00pm (noon) the day prior to the exam date.
  • The Testing Center may be able to accommodate up to 3 late schedules per student per semester.
  • Late requests are contingent upon the Testing Center’s space availability and your instructor’s ability to get the exam to the DRC Testing Center. 
  • If you have concerns about being able to schedule 7 days in advance or questions about this message please contact your access consultant.  
  • You will receive an email from the DRC Testing Center if your late exam can be scheduled.
  • After submitting a late request, the Student Portal will notify you of how many late schedules you have used.
  • We are unlikely to be able to schedule same-day exam requests.
  • Please schedule your exams as far in advance as possible, as we need time to notify your instructor, receive the exam, and arrange appropriate testing space and other accommodations. 


Exam rescheduling:

You must request to reschedule and forward us instructor approval by 12:00pm (noon) the day prior to the desired exam date.

To reschedule an exam: 

  • Please do not create a new exam request.
  • You must obtain permission directly from your instructor: Send an email to your instructor that states the updated date and time and cc [email protected] on this correspondence. Please request that your instructor ‘reply all’ to approve the change.


Once your exam is rescheduled, we will send you an updated exam confirmation email. If you do not receive an update within 1-2 business days, call or email us to confirm that your exam is scheduled.

Please Note Before Scheduling in the DRC:

Explore the exam formats that will be utilized by each of your courses every semester. 

  • We cannot routinely administer exams requiring the remote proctoring software, Proctorio.
  • You should discuss a plan with your access consultant about how you will take any exams given through Canvas and using Proctorio. Consider these options:
    • Arrange an alternative space for testing (not in the DRC)
    • Communicate with your instructor to ensure you receive your full accommodation time for online exams.


If you are in a course that requires partner or group exams and/or quizzes: 

  • Address this with your access consultant as soon as you know.
  • Talk with your instructor. Partner or group exams can often be accommodated within the department.