Interpreting and Captioning Unit

Request Sign Language Interpreting Services or Real-Time Captioning Services

The Interpreting/Captioning Unit provides sign language interpreting services and real-time captioning services as accommodations to University staff, students, faculty and guests. Here are a few things to know when you make requests for these services:

  • For ongoing, semester-long requests (i.e. classes, labs, meetings), provide as much lead time as possible, preferably four weeks prior to the first date of the request when possible..
  • For one-time requests (i.e. meetings, study groups, special events), we ask for at least two weeks notice when possible.
  • There are times when two or four weeks in advance is not possible. Please submit your request and we will make every effort to fulfill the request. 

Captioners at the University of Minnesota…

  • Work with students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors who use real-time captioning services as an accommodation.
  • Are trained professionals who type spoken English which displays as text on a screen.
  • Type auditory information to be simultaneously read by the person who uses real-time captioning services as an accommodation.
  • Follow the University of Minnesota’s code of professional conduct which ensures confidentiality of all assignment-related information. 
  • Captioners at the University of Minnesota are committed to fostering a welcoming and communication-rich environment in which students, staff, faculty and guests who use real-time captioning services can fully engage in all aspects of the University experience!

Interpreting/Captioning Unit Contact

Request real-time captioning services via the OneDRC portal.

Interpreting/Captioning Unit hours (beginning 9/7/2021):

  • Monday-Thursday, 7:30am - 5:00pm
  • Friday, 8:00-4:30pm

Contact us:


McNamara Alumni Center, Suite 180
200 Oak St SE
Minneapolis, 55455