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How to Register

Registration establishes a relationship with our office to start exploring accommodations. The Disability Resource Center offers two paths to registration:

The Maroon Option - accommodations available in this option are limited (see below).  This option may be a good fit for students who know what accommodations they’d like to explore or have previous experience with academic accommodations, and those accommodations are on the list below. If you are requesting accommodations not listed under the Maroon Option, please select the Gold Option. (For example: accommodations related to assignments, housing, participation, etc.)

The Gold Option - this option includes a conversation with an access consultant and may be a good fit for students who may be unsure which accommodations would be most supportive or have more nuanced access needs.

NOTE: Some academic programs, such as Law School and Academic Health Center, require the Gold process due to nuances related to educational requirements, clinical experiences, and licensure exams. Students taking courses through College in the Schools must also go through the Gold process.

Additionally, components of graduate programs, such as programmatic/preliminary exams, also require the Gold process due to the consultative nature of exploring accommodations. 

The DRC maintains confidentiality of your health and disability information. We share information about accommodations and access measures with instructors and University staff on a need-to-know basis. We do not share diagnostic information, and if students need us to share information with a support person or health provider, we will ask them to complete a release of information form.

DRC employees are mandated reporters. When students working with the DRC report sexual assault/misconduct, relationship violence, stalking, or harm to themselves/others, the DRC has an obligation to report those incidents to the University’s EOAA office. If a report is made, EOAA will follow up with students to provide resources/additional support. If students want a confidential place to discuss, DRC employees can share campus resources. 

Maroon Option

This option is best if you want to explore only the specified accommodations listed below at this time and you have documentation. If you do not have documentation, please follow the Gold Option.  Within this option, initial communication primarily occurs via email. 

Choosing the Maroon option does not limit you to the listed accommodations indefinitely. If your access needs change in the future and you would like to explore additional accommodations, you can connect with your access consultant. 

If you have questions about which option you should select, email [email protected].

Maroon Option Accommodations

If you are requesting any accommodations that are not listed below, please follow the Gold Option.

  • Testing accommodations: Extended test time: 1.25x or 1.5x, Semi-private testing space
  • Note-taking accommodations: ability to audio record lectures, access to presentation slides in advance, etc., Classroom materials provided in advance
  • Classroom support (breaks/fidgets/access to supportive devices or food/beverage)
  • Class scheduling/time of day accommodations/reduced credit load

Maroon Option Steps

Step 1: Fill out the registration paperwork

  • Complete a student information form, registration agreement, and confidentiality policy; this could take 5 - 20 minutes.

Step 2: Upload documentation; review the guidelines before submitting to ensure your documentation meets the requirements. 

  • If you do not have documentation, please follow the Gold option to discuss this with an access consultant.

Step 3: Answer supplemental questions received via email

  • Once you have completed Steps 1 and 2, you will receive an email with supplemental questions to better understand your accommodation requests.

Step 4: Review period

  • DRC Access Consultants  will review your paperwork and documentation, and respond within five business days. If either the paperwork or documentation does not provide the necessary information, the access consultant will reach out with additional or clarifying questions, to request more documentation, or to redirect you to the Gold Option.

Step 5: Accommodations

  • If accommodations have been determined to be reasonable under the Maroon option, your access consultant will forward an accommodation letter with instructions and next steps.

The access consultant who issues your letter will be your main point of contact moving forward - if anything comes up, please reach out to this person.

NOTE: Some academic programs require the Gold process. If you are enrolled in one of these programs, the DRC front desk will direct you to a dedicated access consultant to assist you with your request.

Gold Option

This option is a good fit for students who may be unsure which accommodations would be most supportive or have more nuanced access needs and involves  a 30-minute consultation with an access consultant over Zoom, phone, or in person. Documentation is not required for the first meeting, though sharing it in advance or during the meeting can facilitate exploring potential accommodations. The access consultant you meet with will chat with you about documentation if you do not have it available during your consultation.

Step 1: Fill out the registration paperwork

  • Complete a student information form, registration agreement, and confidentiality policy; this could take 5 - 20 minutes.

Step 2: Upload documentation

  • The DRC uses documentation to help determine reasonable accommodations. Documentation is not required to start the registration process with the DRC but may be required for specific accommodations. 

Step 3: Schedule and Attend a 30-minute consultation with an access consultant

  • Once we receive your registration paperwork, we will send you a link to schedule a consultation. The DRC’s default meeting method is Zoom - if you would like to request an in person meeting, please let us know. 
  • Please reach out to the access consultant you will be meeting with if you have any questions in advance of your appointment. They will be your point of contact at the DRC going forward.

    Registration FAQs

  1. I have concerns about wait time. What should I do?
  2. What should my documentation include?
  3. Why are some accommodations not included in the Maroon option?
    • Accommodations available through the Maroon option are frequently used accommodations and typically do not compromise course learning objectives. Other accommodations are more nuanced, and often require an access consultant to have a deeper understanding of your access needs, which we achieve through the formal consultation appointment.
  4. If I follow the Maroon option, can I change my accommodations? Can I add more accommodations later? 
    • Yes! If you would like to change your accommodation letter, please email your assigned Access Consultant to schedule a meeting. 
  5. I have time-sensitive accommodations listed under the Maroon Option, but I have additional accommodation requests that are not listed. Should I complete the Maroon Option process?
    • No, please complete the Gold option process and notify [email protected] that you have specific time-sensitive accommodations after scheduling your 30-minute consultation. We will connect you with the access consultant you are scheduled with to explore options for time-sensitive concerns.
  6. Do I have to renew my registration each semester?
    • You do not have to renew your registration, but you do need to renew your accommodation letter each semester. You can do this by connecting with your access consultant.
  7. I am previously registered, but haven’t worked with the DRC in a while. Do I need to re-register?
    • Email [email protected] and let them know you worked with the DRC in the past. They will follow up with next steps.
  8. I started the registration process, but I never heard back. What should I do?
    • Make sure you have fully submitted your Student Information Form - there is a final submit button at the end of the review page. If you have fully submitted your form and have not received a response within five business days, please email [email protected]. We also recommend checking your spam folder, as the response email may have been delivered in error. 
  9. I’m not sure if I want to or should register. Is there anyone I can talk to before registering?