Finding the DRC

The Disability Resource Center is located on the first floor of the McNamara Alumni Center.


Entries to McNamara Alumni Center and location of the DRC office.

The annotated photo above shows a bird's eye view of the McNamara Alumni Center - the building in which the DRC is located. Three entrance locations are marked with arrows: From University Avenue and the parking ramp on the north, from the Scholar's Walk on the west, and from the Oak Street drop-off circle on the east. Dashed red lines show the best path to the DRC once in the building and the location of the DRC within the building - in the north hall - is marked with a star.

McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

DRC Testing - suite 180
DRC Student Access - suite 170
UReturn (for employees) - suite 190