Document Conversion Information for Students

Registration with the Disability Resource Center

To request document conversion, students must be registered with the Disability Resource Center. To register, students should e-mail or call the front desk at 612-626-1333 to set up an appointment with a specialist. Students must provide the specialist with recent documentation demonstrating a print disability from a qualified professional. This may include individuals who have visual disabilities (blind or low vision), learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), visual perceptual disabilities, head trauma, and/or specific physical disabilities that restrict hand use to turn pages or manipulate print material.

Enrollment in Courses

Students receiving document conversion services must be enrolled in the courses for which they are requesting accessible media/alternate format. The student’s specialist or an academic adviser can help the student enroll in courses if he or she has not already done so. The DRC Document Conversion staff will wait until the student’s enrollment is confirmed before initiating work.

Early Course Registration

All students receiving document conversion services are eligible to register beginning the first day registration opens. Once enrolled, students may request document conversion for any or all of their course materials.

Changes to Syllabus and Dropped Courses

Students must email and cc their instructor with any changes made to the syllabus or reading assignments.

Submitting Materials for Conversion to an Accessible Format

A student must provide the Disability Resource Center with a copy of all reading materials that they wish to have converted as well as a syllabus/reading schedule for each course. Students are encouraged to speak to their instructor regarding these needs as early as possible so the instructor may provide materials for conversion in advance.

Assignments and non-textbook material

For assignments that are due the first two weeks of class, the DRC Document Conversion will need the syllabus and materials before classes start. If a student is unable to submit texts and/or reading schedules within this time frame before class starts, the DRC Document Conversion will do its best to convert the documents by a reasonable date.

It is University policy that instructors  have complete syllabi available the first day of class. In the event that no reading schedule or syllabus is available, students should notify the DRC Document Conversion to follow up with the instructor and submit best estimated due dates for the first few assignments until a reading schedule or syllabus becomes available.



  • Since books must be debound and scanned for conversion, the Duplicate Text Program allows students who purchase their textbooks at University Bookstores to retain their purchased copy and have a duplicate copy sent directly to the DRC Document Conversion for debinding/conversion/rebinding.
  • Students can have this duplicate copy sent to the DRC Document Conversion by going to the Scholarship Desk at the University Bookstore at Coffman Memorial Union at the point of purchase and indicating which books they would like sent to the DRC Document Conversion.
  • If a textbook is not available at the bookstore, please email


The student will need to provide proof of purchase to the DRC Document Conversion for textbooks not purchased at a University Bookstore location. If the DRC Document Conversion does not have the requested book already converted and archived and is unable to procure electronic copy from the publisher or other sources, the student will need to provide the DRC Document Conversion their copy to be debound, scanned and rebound with plastic coil binding. The DRC Document Conversion can typically have the rebound book ready for pickup by the student in a day or two in these cases.


The DRC Document Conversion requires proof of ownership for each text submitted for conversion, either via University Bookstore Duplicate Text Program records or printed proof of purchase.

Receipt of converted materials


All students will retrieve their converted files via NetFiles, an online file storage server. The NetFiles account will first have to be activated.  Please visit the UMN OIT Netfiles website for information on how to activate your account. Students will learn how to activate and login to their NetFiles account during orientation with DS Document Conversion staff. If a student has not been scheduled for an orientation and requires document conversion, he/she must contact to schedule training on delivery of files.

Once the first document is converted, students will be notified and asked to bookmark their newly created the Disability Resource Center Netfiles directory so they can navigate to their DRC directory from their personal University of Minnesota directory.  After the first email notification, any remaining files from the specified book or document will be posted to NetFiles approximately two weeks prior to the due date on the syllabus.  

There are three different ways in which students can connect to Netfiles:

  • By using a browser (link is provided in the email)
  • By using a WebDAV connection
  • Or by using a client

While it is the simplest to use the browser it may not work well for the visually impaired students. Please follow these instructions for creating a WebDAV connection to the NetFiles DocCon location.

Some students may find it convenient to configure NetFiles access by using a client software.  If you need assistance in downloading, installing and configuring the client software, please visit the OIT Techstop location .  Please note that there are two connections that need to be configured once the client is installed - one for your home directory and one for the Document Conversion location.  The WebDav connection instructions can help in configuring the second connection. 

If DS Document Conversion is unable to send files to a student within this time frame, DS Document Conversion will contact the student and the instructor to discuss how to proceed.

If a student would like to receive reminders for each file, please contact DS Document Conversion at 612-626-1333, or stop by our office in McNamara Alumni Center, suite 180.

Checking on the Status of Materials

The Disability Resource Center sets timelines for completion of document conversion requests based on when the request is submitted, when all materials are received, and/or the reading schedule as indicated in the syllabus. The DRC Document Conversion gives priority to required course readings and will complete optional readings as resources allow. It is the instructor's responsibility to work with the student and the DRC Document Conversion to clarify priorities.

A student wanting a status update on their materials can email us anytime at


Under U.S. Copyright law, accessible files (e-text) provided to the student can be used solely for eligible student’s own educational purposes and cannot be copied, shared, or distributed for use by others.