University Resources/Campus Partners


Ergonomic Health - Highly forceful or repetitive motions using awkward postures can result in discomfort or injury. As a result, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety along with other University departments are working together to reduce the likelihood of such injury among University employees. A link to a workstation self-assessment and evaluation tool can be found on the DEHS website.

Leave of Absence (including FMLA)  - To request a leave, go to the My Time tab in MyU and click on the Request a Leave of Absence link. If you need help during the process, see the web page  How to Request a Leave of Absence in MyU. If you still have a question, email [email protected] or call OHR’s Leave Administration team at 612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363 and choose option No. 2. The Leave Administration team will respond to your request in one to two business days. 

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - provides cost-free confidential professional consultation and referral services to address any personal or work concern that may be affecting your wellbeing. Employees covered by the UPlan and their immediate family members can request consultation and referral services. The program is available to all employees on all system campuses. Professional consultation is available by phone or in-person. EAP services are provided by Lyra Health. Email [email protected] or call 877-295-8939 to schedule an appointment. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week for counseling or crisis services. 

Employee Benefits - The University of Minnesota Employee Benefits office is also available to discuss questions you may have about your benefits, including, but not limited to, medical plan coverage, disability insurance, and retirement plans. You may call 612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363 to speak with a representative, or email questions to [email protected]

The Office for Conflict Resolution - provides both formal and informal conflict resolution services to non-bargaining unit University faculty, staff and students who are experiencing employment-related conflicts. You may contact OCR at (612) 624-1030 or email [email protected]

Equal Opportunity and Title IX - acts as a neutral party to advise individuals and departments about perceived, existing and potential discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, retaliation, and potential violations of the policy against nepotism through investigation, consultation and education. For more information, call 612-624-9547 or email them at [email protected].

Workers’ Compensation - The Controller’s Office manages the Workers’ Compensation program. If you experience a work-related injury or illness, report the incident to your supervisor as soon as practical.

Disability Insurance - Unum is the administrator for disability claims. If you have disability insurance here is more information about How To file a claim

Parking and Transportation Services - The University makes reasonable modifications to policies and programs to ensure that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to enjoy all its programs, services, and activities. 

University Paratransit Service - is a specialized, on-campus transport service provided free of charge to people with either temporary or permanent disabilities. Anyone who is unable to use fixed transit and needs special transportation service while on campus can request a free accessible ride (curb-to-curb). The service operates on the Twin Cities campus. 

Disability Hang tag - The University of Minnesota does not process or provide disability parking hang tags.  Please visit Minnesota State Services Disability Parking Website for more information.

Metro Mobility Discounted Bus Passes - Metro Mobility is a shared ride public transportation service for certified riders who are unable to use regular fixed-route buses due to a disability or health condition. Program information and an application form can be found on the Metropolitan Council website or by calling 651-602-1111 (TTY 651-221-9886).

Once certified, University students, faculty and staff can purchase discounted fares. Email [email protected] or call 612-626-7275 for more information.