Testing Information for Instructors

Students eligible for reasonable accommodations can schedule a meeting with an Access Consultant to discuss disability-related impacts. At this meeting, the Access Consultant and student determine if and which testing accommodations may be appropriate. Testing accommodations will be listed in each student’s accommodation letter and are reviewed for renewed each semester. 

Students are expected to contact and/or meet with you to share their letter and discuss their accommodations. For clarification regarding specific accommodations, please connect with Access Consultant who signed the letter.

If your student has testing accommodations, you and your student should discuss testing arrangements. Whenever possible, students should take their exams within the department. Please see our Department Resources for providing accommodations within the department. For an explanation of the benefits of providing exams within the department, please see Testing Accommodations FAQs for Instructors. If you are unable to accommodate the exam within the department, students can schedule exams in the DRC Testing Center.

Syllabus Statement

Instructors are encouraged to include a statement in their syllabus outlining their expectations for exams as well as specifications for students with testing accommodations. The Testing Center encourages you as an instructor to include a statement clarifying:

  1. To whom the student should send their accommodation letter, i.e. course coordinator, TA, instructor, (or a combination).
  2. The location the student should plan to take their exams and instructions for scheduling.
  3. Exam information, such as a list of exam dates, exam duration, materials allowed, and whether they're allowed to keep the exam or accompanying materials.
  4. If the student is testing in the DRC: whom the student and/or DRC coordinators can contact to request the exam file and administration details.


Testing in the DRC Testing Center

If instructors are not able to provide accommodations to students within the academic department, students can schedule their exams to be taken in the DRC Testing Center. For more information and our expectations of students, see Testing information for students.

  • To utilize the DRC Testing Center, we ask you to be responsible for:
  • Checking emails regularly for questions from your student, for the duration of the student’s scheduled exam in the DRC.
  • Utilizing the Instructor Portal to provide exam materials and administration details, including:
    • Review each student’s scheduling request for date and time accuracy 
    • Provide contact information for student questions during exam
    • Ensure the return method is correct for completed exams

Exam scheduling expectations (FYI):

  • We expect that students will schedule their exams at least seven days in advance. 
  • After scheduling three exams with less than seven days notice, we require students to meet with us to identify strategies for scheduling exams on time. 
  • We accept schedule requests from students until 12:00pm (noon) on the business day prior to the desired exam date. 
  • We ask that students schedule their exams for the same date and time that the class will be taking the exam. 
  • We rely on instructors to let us know if the students have scheduled their exams correct dates and times.

When a Student Arrives late to their Exam: 

  • We will not extend the end time of a student’s exam due to lateness. 
  • Students are responsible for scheduling their exams at the correct times and planning to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before their exam start time. 
  • Students who are late for an exam due to disability related impacts will discuss the situation with an Access Consultant to determine whether or not it is reasonable to reschedule the exam. 
  • Students are welcome to schedule make-up exams with the DRC, but they are expected to coordinate permission, scheduling details, etc with their course instructor. 
  • We strive to create a testing environment that accommodates the various access needs of an array of students while upholding the expectations of the class. 

Exam Requests to Instructors:

  • We will send an initial exam request to you six days prior to the scheduled exam date. 
  • Within each exam request email is a link to our Instructor Portal. 
  • Through the portal, you will be able to submit the exam materials, provide instructions for exam administration, and let us know how you would like the exam returned. 
  • If you receive an exam request for an unapproved date and/or time, please inform our office and the student of the correct date and time. 
  • If we have not already received an exam file and administration details, we will send additional exam requests the day prior to the exam and the day of the exam, as necessary. 

Providing the Exam File:

We ask for exams early to be sure we have time to print and prep exam materials and instructions for the student. Please be aware if any of your students have document conversion needs, as our conversion team will need additional time to prepare the exam.

Our office does accept physical copies of exams, dropped off to our office in advance, however we still require instructors to visit our Instructor Portal to provide us with the necessary administration details. This is the best way to ensure that an exam is administered according to your specifications and consistently reflects the class expectations.

If a student reschedules an exam, please email to let us know if you would like to provide an alternative exam version for the rescheduled exam date.

During An Exam

  • Please include the best contact method to reach you during the scheduled exam time. This allows us to contact you to provide clarification or answer student questions.
  • Please do your best to be available by phone, as this is often the clearest method of communication. Students often need to ask questions and have them answered verbally. 
  • Please note we are NOT able to text. We are only able to call or email to contact instructors.

Exam Updates/Corrections

BEFORE the exam: We may ask you to visit the portal to update the attached materials. Before you replace an exam file, we need to clear existing files. Please let us know if you need to upload new files.
DURING the exam: If you find an error in your exam materials or need to provide students taking the exam an update provided to the class, please email us the correction. We will print and distribute it.

***When emailing a correction, please draft a NEW email, stating in the subject line: “Exam Correction for __Insert Course__”***

Completed Exams:

Once a student finishes their exam in the DRC, we will return it to you one of three ways (you select your preference during the exam submission process): 

Courier: A courier service runs once daily, delivering exams throughout the morning. Exams are delivered on the business day following an exam’s administration. Delivery times may vary during summer sessions. The courier will only deliver to a department office. A signature is required for all delivered exams.

Online: ALL completed exams will be scanned and uploaded to the Instructor Portal in PDF format. These are completed by the end of the business day during which the exam was taken. The physical copy will be secured in our office for four weeks, after which it will be shredded.

Hold for Pick-up: Instructors or department staff can come to the DRC to sign for and pick up completed exams.

Please note that we scan and upload ALL completed exams to the Instructor Portal, regardless of the return method selected. We will still utilize your selected return method to return the physical copy of the exam. An automated email is sent at the end of the day letting you know there are completed exams available through the Instructor Portal under the ‘Completed Exams’ tab. You will still receive the physical copy of the completed exam if you select “Delivery” or “Hold for Pick-up.”

Canvas Exams

Time Extension

Please review a student’s accommodation letter to determine if the student has a time accommodation. The time window will need to be extended for individuals with various time accommodations. Additionally, please adjust settings to accommodate alternative testing times when applicable. 

Please visit Canvas Support Page for instructions.


Proctorio is an e-proctoring application that integrates with Canvas.

  • For privacy reasons, the Testing Center cannot administer exams with Proctorio enabled. During the exam submission process please provide a Proctorio bypass code to bypass this software. 
  • How to Generate a Proctorio Bypass Code
  • Canvas exams on DRC computers are administered through the Respondus Lockdown Browser and students are proctored by our staff.