Interpreting and Captioning Unit

Welcome to the Interpreting/Captioning Unit (ICU) of the Disability Resource Center.  We provide communication access to DeafBlind, Deaf, and hard of hearing individuals in the University community.  We are a full-time staff of professionals who are committed to providing high quality sign language interpreting, real-time captioning, and media captioning services to students, staff, faculty, and guests of the University.

Please browse the following links to learn more about the work we do, our commitment to our professions, how to request a service provider, and how to work with us to get the most out of your University experience.  And if you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us at [email protected].

We look forward to working with you!

Sign Language Interpreting / Captioning Services Surveys

Please consider filling out the Sign Language Interpreting Services Survey or Captioning Services Survey if you have received interpreting or captioning services as a student, faculty, staff, or visitor of the University of Minnesota. Thank you!

Request an Interpreter or Captioner

The Interpreting/Captioning Unit works to fill all University-related requests. To help us, please remember the following:

  • For ongoing, semester-long requests (i.e. classes, labs, meetings), we need as much lead time as possible, preferably four weeks prior to the first date of the request.
  • For one-time requests (i.e. meetings, study groups, special events), we ask for at least two weeks notice.
  • If you do not have the above lead time…submit your request anyway.  We cannot guarantee that we will fulfill all last-minute requests, but we will do our best!

Request an interpreter or real-time captioning.

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters…

  • Are bilingual and bicultural professionals who work between two languages:  ASL and English.
  • Understand both Deaf and hearing cultures and use that knowledge to promote successful cross-cultural interactions.
  • Facilitate communication between DeafBlind, Deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) and hearing individuals.
  • Often hold national certification.  This certification is maintained by continuing their education and continuously developing their linguistic, cognitive, and technical skills.
  • Follow all University of Minnesota policies as well as strict ethical and professional standards from their national governing body, Registry for Interpreters of the Deaf.  For more information, see Code of Professional Conduct.

University of Minnesota sign language interpreters are committed to fostering a welcoming and communication-rich environment in which DHH students, staff, faculty and guests can fully engage in all aspects of the of University experience!

For more in-depth information about the profession of interpreting, visit Become an Interpreter.

ICU Mission, Vision and Values


We advance and enrich the captioning and sign language interpreting professions, the University’s mission, and the public good by:

Providing exceptional captioning and sign language interpreting services to the University community,

Sharing professional knowledge,

Fostering an environment of diversity, accessibility, and opportunity, and

Empowering ourselves and the communities we serve to reach our full potential.


The Interpreting/Captioning Unit of the University of Minnesota is a nationwide leader in the fields of captioning and sign language interpreting. Our commitment to accessibility, equity, and excellence contributes to an inclusive, welcoming, public university community that cultivates empowerment, innovation, and success.


Self-Awareness, Authenticity, Integrity: We take seriously our obligation to regularly examine who we are so that our knowledge may guide our actions.

Equality: We contribute to a diverse community by improving and expanding access to opportunity.

Respect: We honor and celebrate differences and similarities by regarding each individual as valuable.

Trust: We engender trust through our commitment to honesty, ethical principles, and actions that are consistent with our words.

Responsibility: We are accountable to these values as we actively promote our vision and mission as part of the Disability Resource Center, the Office for Equity & Diversity, and the University of Minnesota.

Interpreting/Captioning Unit Contact

Request real-time captioning services via the OneDRC portal.

Interpreting/Captioning Unit hours (beginning 9/7/2021):

  • Monday-Thursday, 7:30am - 5:00pm
  • Friday, 8:00-4:30pm

Contact us:


McNamara Alumni Center, Suite 180
200 Oak St SE
Minneapolis, 55455