Housing Accommodations

  1. If you plan to request housing accommodations, apply for housing and meet all deadlines in the housing application process. Select the housing preference on housing application that most closely meets your anticipated accommodation needs.  Be aware of the different fees and deadlines outlined on the application checklist.
  2. After you have applied for housing and paid applicable deposits and fees, schedule an initial appointment with Access Consultant. Call 612-626-1333 and state that you would like to discuss housing accommodations. For best-possible outcomes, please schedule your initial appointment in May or June. If you have documentation that describes your disability and how it specifically impacts your housing needs, bring it to the initial appointment or have it faxed to the DRC at 612-626-9654. Please come to your appointment as scheduled even if you do not have documentation, as the DRC may be able to assist you in obtaining it.
  3. If housing accommodations are determined reasonable, your Access Consultant will then coordinate with Housing and Residential Life.  Housing and Residential Life will then communicate your housing assignment per the dates they have established and posted on the Housing & Residential Life Website