Career Resources

General Resources:

Career Agencies: 


Disclosing Disability:



  • Job Accommodations Network (JAN) – Students, campuses, and employers can call, email, or chat live with specialists at JAN to receive personalized accommodations and disclosure advice. Just go to the website and click on “Live help” to ask any question or visit this page for additional resources

Internship/Employment Opportunities:

  • Emerging Leaders- is a summer internship program for college students with disabilities is a highly competitive program that places top undergraduate and graduate college students with disabilities in fulfilling summer internships nationwide that also provide them with meaningful leadership development and networking opportunities:
  • Entry Point! - Identifies and recruits students with apparent and non-apparent disabilities studying in science, engineering, mathematics, computer science, and some fields of business for outstanding internship and co-op opportunities:  
  • Getting Hired- list of employment postings by employers who are committed to hiring people with disabilities:
  • Lime Connect Fellowship Program- fellowship program for rising juniors with disabilities:
  • U.S. International Council on Disabilities Youth in Development Internship Program – Interns receive career development opportunities, attend congressional hearings, and learn about many government agencies. Interns receive a stipend, Travel expenses, and accessible housing.
  • Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) - is recruitment and referral program that connects federal sector employers nationwide with highly motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities who are eager to prove their abilities in the workplace through summer or permanent jobs.


Other Resources:

  • Autism NOW On the Job Resources- Provides community-based resources related to employment:
  • Disability Hub MN - up-to-date information about community resources related to disability benefits programs, assistive technology, employment and more: 1-866-333-2466.
  • Punch In- your self-directed employment assistant.  This website provides: career exploration and preparation, employment and networking opportunities, and understanding your rights.