Disability Resource Center Staff

Administration - Suite 170

Name Title Phone Email
Enjie Hall Director 612-624-4120 [email protected]

Scott Marshall

Associate Director 612-626-4954 [email protected]
Kathryn Louis Operations and Outreach Officer   [email protected]

Tim Fitzgerald

Info Tech Professional   [email protected]

Dawn Haugen

Office Manager 612-626-2644 [email protected]


UReturn - Suite 190

Name Title Phone  Email

Front Desk

Receptionist 612-624-3316 [email protected]

Neal Binsfeld

Access Consultant 612-626-8035 [email protected]

Daryn Christenson

Access Consultant 612-624-4037 [email protected]

Dave Fuecker

Associate Director  612-626-7925 [email protected]

Staci Samson

Access Consultant 612-626-8058 [email protected]

Bill Solboe 

Access Consultant 612-624-8807

[email protected]

Nancy Erickson

Access Consultant 612-624-3505 [email protected]

Gail Hain

Access Consultant 612-625-8530 [email protected]

Tera White

Access Consultant   [email protected]

Douglas Collins

Administrative Assistant   [email protected]
Fax- Suite 190   612-625-5572  


Student Access - Suite 180

Name Title Phone Email

Front Desk

Receptionist 612-626-1333

[email protected]

Jae Halverson

Administrative Support 612-626-1333 [email protected] 

Makayla Oman

Administrative Support

612-626-1333 [email protected]

Cynthia Fuller

Associate Director 612-626-8427 [email protected]

Sohail Akhavein

Manager 612-625-7713 [email protected]

Emily Ehlinger

Senior Manager 612-626-2976 [email protected]

Morgan Brown Winegarden

Access Consultant 612-301-2262

[email protected]

Todd Helmer

Access Consultant 612-624-6884

[email protected]

Brittni Kuduk

Access Consultant 612-625-7488 [email protected]

Roberta Kehne

Physical Access Coordinator 612-624-1801 [email protected]

Adam Tarshish

Access Consultant 612-626-1333 [email protected]

Hlee Moua

Access Consultant 612-301-2203 [email protected]

Rachel Anderson

Access Consultant 612-624-9310 [email protected]

Daryn Christenson

Access Consultant 612-624-4037 [email protected]

Erika Theiler

Access Consultant 612-626-9459 [email protected]

Matthew Belsky

Access Consultant 612-625-3397 [email protected]

Alex Schlicker

Access Consultant   [email protected]

Julia Marcus Johnson

Access Consultant   [email protected]

Abby Reynolds

Access Consultant   [email protected]

Jill Weigley

Access Consultant   [email protected]

Maddie Pfaff

Access Consultant   [email protected]

Alex Brandell

Access Consultant   [email protected]
Erin Carik Access Consultant   [email protected]
FAX   612-626-9654  


Access Programs - Suite 180

Name Title Phone Email
Testing Center   612-624-1666 [email protected]

Ander Geise

Testing Coordinator   [email protected]

Haylee Cloutier

Testing Coordinator 612-624-1666 [email protected]
Access Assistant Program   612-301-1755 [email protected]

Baily Bodelson

Access Assistance Coordinator   [email protected]

Crystal Scepaniak

Access Assistance Coordinator 612-624-6523 [email protected]

Katie Parry 

Access Assistance Coordinator 612-301-1640 [email protected]

Ally Kann

Access Specialist   [email protected]

Ian Lynch

Access Specialist

  [email protected]

KJ Lehner

Access Specialist

  [email protected]
Mira Altobell-Resendez Access Specialist   [email protected]

Rachel Voissem

Access Specialist   [email protected]
Document Conversion      

Katie Burger

Doc Con Coordinator 612-625-3506 [email protected]

Jordan Jennings

Doc Con Coordinator 612-625-3883 [email protected]

Laura Lautaret

Doc Con Coordinator 612-625-0789 [email protected]

Davin Martinson

Info Tech Specialist 612-626-7141 [email protected]

Mason Nunemaker

Document Conversion Editor and Assistive Technology Assistant no phone [email protected]

Christian Schroeder

Doc Con Editor 612-626-2211 [email protected]

Ariele Strachan

Doc Con Editor 612-625-4070 [email protected]


Digital Accessibility - Suite 190

Name Title Phone Email

Tonu Mikk

Info Tech Professional 612-625-3307 [email protected]
Luke Kudryashov Digital Accessibility Analyst   [email protected] 


Interpreting / Captioning Unit - Suite 190

Name Title Phone Email
Julie Olson Rand Associate Director   [email protected]
Paula Clark Manager of Real-Time Captioning Services   [email protected]

Cheryl Fielitz

Manager of Interpreting Services 612-624-3730 [email protected]
Emily Paul Assistant Director of Media Accessibility 612-625-8238 [email protected]

Carletta Yancy

Interpreting Coordinator 612-626-8987 [email protected]
Sarah Chapman Real-Time Captioning Coordinator   [email protected]

Tara Schlechter

Media Captioning Coordinator 612-964-9613 [email protected]

Maria Holloway 

ASL Interpreter No Phone [email protected]

Ardis Houle

ASL Interpreter No Phone [email protected]

Jules Lehto

ASL Interpreter No Phone [email protected]

Barb Podesta

ASL Interpreter No Phone [email protected]

Marilyn Chiarello

ASL Interpreter No Phone [email protected]

Nicole Thornberg

Designated ASL Interpreter No Phone [email protected]
Fax -190   612-626-6711