Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain information about disability parking? 

For information about disability parking on campus please visit Parking and Transportation’s website.

For disability parking permits in the State of Minnesota please visit the Minnesota Council on Disability’s website. 

Students who need parking as an accommodation should contact the Disability Resource Center at 612-626-1333 and speak with the access consultant on drop-in.

Are transportation services available for students with disabilities?  

The Campus Circulator and Connector provide accessible, free transportation for all students and staff on and between campuses. 

Paratransit provides transportation on campus for students with disabilities.

What are typical accommodations provided by the Disability Resource Center? 

Accommodations are determined through an interactive process on a case-by-case basis.  

Should I disclose my disability status when applying to the University of Minnesota? 

Disclosure of disability status on a University of Minnesota application is a personal choice, not a requirement.  Students may wish to explain discrepancies in previous academic performance. This disclosure can be made in the Special Circumstances section of the application.

Does the Disability Resource Center (DRC) provide campus navigation and mobility training? 

No, but the following community resources are available to assist you with orientation and mobility training:  

The DRC can provide limited, one-time, individual orientation to classrooms prior to the start of your first semester, if time permits.

Is tuition assistance available for students with disabilities? 

You may qualify for tuition assistance. Please check out the links below to learn more:

Where can I be evaluated for ADD/ADHD or a Learning Disability? 

The Disability Resource Center has a list of local practitioners.  Please contact our front desk at 612-626-1333 and ask to speak with the access consultant on drop-in to obtain the list and for additional information.  You are encouraged to contact your insurance provider to request information on coverage for assessments. 

I have a very old assessment that indicates I have a disability condition.  Will that be sufficient documentation to register with the Disability Resource Center?  

Your access consultant is looking for current and relevant documentation, not necessarily recent.  You are encouraged to bring in any documentation you have to your first appointment and the access consultant that you meet with will determine if additional information is needed.

How do I schedule exams at the Disability Resource Center? 

To schedule exams in the DRC, you must be registered with our office.  Please visit our Testing Page to learn more.

Are textbooks available in different formats?  

Once you are registered with the Disability Resource Center you and your access consultant will determine if Document Conversion is a reasonable accommodation based on the impacts of your disability. 

 Does the Disability Resource Center (DRC) provide Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) as an accommodation?  

The DRC does not provide PCAs as an accommodation.  You can contact the Disability Linkage Line (DLL) at 1-800-333-2466 to speak with a specialist and learn about what options are available to you.  

The DRC may provide an access assistant for learning-related assistance in the classroom as an accommodation.

Will the Disability Resource Center (DRC) re-release my confidential documentation? 

The DRC will only release your confidential documentation to you.   A signed release of information is required to obtain this documentation. 

Where can I find tutoring or writing support services?  

Does the Disability Resource Center provide accommodations for students with temporary disabilities? 

The Disability Resource Center works with students who have temporary conditions that significantly impact major life activities on a case-by-case basis.  You might find that your instructors are willing to work with you directly without registering with the Disability Resource Center. However, if you would like assistance with this, please contact our front desk at 612-626-1333 and ask to speak with the access consultant on drop-in.  

The following resources might also be helpful for you: 

Where can I obtain a wheelchair?  

The Disability Resource Center does not provide wheelchairs to students and guests of the University of Minnesota.  Two resources in the area for purchasing or renting wheelchairs or scooter products are: 

  • Goodwill (Free temporary loan program)
  • Coffman Memorial Union has wheelchair rental for in-building use at their first floor information desk.

Where can I obtain documentation of my disability? 

To receive accommodations supported by the Disability Resource Center, you must provide documentation from a licensed professional such as a therapist, doctor, rehabilitation counselor, audiologist, nurse practitioner or mobility specialist.  Please visit our Documentation Guidelines page for more information and examples of helpful documentation. 

Does the Disability Resource Center provide accommodations for students who are pregnant?   

Accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis for students who are experiencing impacts related to complications of their pregnancy.  You might find that your instructors are willing to work with you directly without registering with the Disability Resource Center. However, if you would like assistance with this, please contact our front desk at 612-626-1333 and ask to speak with the access consultant on drop-in.  

An additional resource for pregnant students or students who are parenting is the Student Parent HELP Center.

Are there disability-related scholarships available? 

Yes, please visit our Disability Related Scholarships page for more information..  Typically the applications are due in late Spring, after finals.  

Who can communicate with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) about my disability? 

Anyone can contact the DRC for general information.  However, you must give written permission to allow the DRC staff to discuss information with those outside of the University of Minnesota (eg. family members, partners, guardians, practitioners). Access consultants will provide information related to impacts and accommodations as needed with University faculty and staff, but will not share diagnostic information.

Who will know that I am registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC)?

Typically, knowledge of your registration is limited to those faculty and staff responsible for the facilitation of your accommodations and with whom you have shared your accommodation letter.  To facilitate access on your behalf the DRC may need to consult with other University personnel and may share information about the impacts of your disability as needed.

It is helpful to inform your academic advisors as your accommodation needs may impact your academic planning. 

Academic Policy Petitions may require your access consultant to provide information about your health or disability condition. 

How long will the registration process take? 

It can depend on a number of factors.  Typically the initial appointment can be scheduled within two weeks.  If all required paperwork is received, you may be registered during your first appointment.  Please visit our Documentation Guidelines page for more information.

Why does my friend, who is registered with the Disability Resource Center, receive different accommodations even though we have the same diagnosis?

Each individual has distinct impacts related to their diagnosis and may require different accommodations.  Each program and class also present unique environmental barriers and have different essential requirements which may account for variations in accommodations.  If you believe that a different accommodation will better meet your needs, please contact your Access Consultant.

Will my registration with the Disability Resource Center appear on my official university records? 

No, it will not appear on any official records from the University of Minnesota.

Can I request to work with a different access consultant? 

If you have unresolvable issues with your current Access Consultant, please email our front desk at [email protected] and they will connect you to Student Access management.

Can I receive accommodations while studying abroad?

It is important to discuss study abroad plans with your Access Consultant well in advance to begin planning for your time abroad.   Please note that accommodations abroad may be different from those you receive at the University of Minnesota.

Is there a secure location that I can store items that I am unable to carry while on campus? 

Yes, lockers are available for rent on campus.

Are housing accommodations available for on-campus living? 

Yes, please follow these steps 

  1. Apply for housing.
  2. Register with the Disability Resource Center (DRC).  To schedule an appointment and begin this process, please call 612-626-1333.
  3. Bring documentation that specifically addresses your housing accommodation needs to your first appointment with the DRC. 
  4. You and your Access Consultant will discuss reasonable housing accommodations and submit your request to Housing and Residential Life.  
  5. Housing and Residential life will notify all students, including those with accommodation needs, of their housing assignments in August. 

Do I need to register with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to request accommodations related to food allergies?  

The DRC registers students with food allergies on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact the Access Consultant on drop-in by calling 612-626-1333, to discuss your specific needs.  You may also visit the University Dining Services website to see the variety of food options available on campus .

Am I required to use accommodations for every class? 

You may not need accommodations in every class.   However, since accommodations are not retroactive, we recommend that you submit your letter to each instructor at the beginning of every semester.  You can discuss which accommodations you would like to use with each instructor depending on the nature of each course. 

Do you work with graduate students? 

The Disability Resource Center works with students at all education levels, in any program at the University of Minnesota.