Get Connected With Us!

If you have never worked with the DRC and would like to meet with us, please follow the following easy steps:

1 — Submit the Student Information Form

Complete the Student Information form and provide any available documentation by submitting a JPG or PDF through this link. If you are not sure what documentation is required, please review our documentation guidelines. Know that our first priority is meeting with you, not reviewing the paperwork. Do not delay meeting with us due to concerns relating to paperwork! 

2 — Schedule a Consultation

We will email you with scheduling information after receiving confirmation of form submission.
Set up a 30 minute consultation via Calendly. Appointments are available by Zoom, phone, or in-person. Make sure to review the DRC Student Checklist to prepare for your meeting!

3 — Meet with your Access Consultant

During your consultation, your Access Consultant will chat with you about the disability-related impacts and barriers you are experiencing. You can discuss any access needs you have and explore possible accommodations, along with next steps. 

4 — Connect with Your Professors

If accommodations are implemented, you may receive an accommodation letter from your Access Consultant. At this point you will want to share your letter with professors and develop plans in your classes. 

5 — Stay in Touch!

Access needs may shift over time; unexpected concerns or situations may arise. Feel free to get in touch with your Access Consultant at any point via email. If you don’t remember the name of your Access Consultant, you may email [email protected].