Resources for Captioning Videos

If you or your students are creating videos for your course, please check out some available resources to assist you in adding captions to your video. 

Captioning Key Guidelines and Techniques

If you are going to caption it yourself, check out these guidelines from the Described and Captioned Media Program.

Captions and YouTube

YouTube offers great instructions on how to create a captioned YouTube video. They do offer automatic captions, but it will likely contain errors. Please consider creating a transcript or caption file and uploading it to YouTube to display more accurate text. For more information visit:

Captioning vendors

If you would like assistance creating a captioned video from an agency, listed below are two companies the University of Minnesota has worked with in the past. Both companies will need a digital copy of the video to get started. The cost will range from $150-$160 dollars per media hour.

3 Play Media

Automatic Sync Technologies

For additional information contact the Interpreting/captioning unit:
phone: 612.625.8238