Update on Masks & Face Coverings

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) cares about the health and safety of all University community members. We understand that what is considered an effective face covering to slow the spread of COVID-19 is evolving and that we all want to do our part in mitigating risks on campus. We also understand that not everyone in the University community can wear a cloth face mask. 

The DRC does not waive face covering requirements

For the health and safety of all, the DRC will not waive the face covering requirement, but we will explore alternatives. We work closely with University Health & Safety to identify effective face coverings including alternatives to cloth masks.

Here is the most recent information available from University Health & Safety: Updated Face Covering/Mask Comparison Guide

When an accommodation to a face covering is made, it is still important for individuals to wash their hands often and thoroughly and to practice physical distancing as outlined in Face Covering Protocol.

The DRC determines the need for alternative face covering on case-by-case basis with consultation and communication between the you, your medical provider, your instructor/supervisor, and in COVID-era cases, University Health and Safety.

Individuals requesting alternative face coverings

If you’re already registered with the DRC

Please contact your access consultant if you are registered with the DRC and have a disability or health condition that necessitates: 

  • Exploring other face covering options for yourself and/or others with whom you regularly interact.

If you are not registered with the DRC

If you are not registered with the DRC and have a disability or health condition that necessitates exploring alternative face coverings:

You may be asked about the impacts of your disability or health condition and the barriers in the environment. Depending on the nature of your request, you may need to register with the DRC, in which case you will be asked for medical documentation related to your request. 

Because these processes take time, please contact the DRC as soon as possible.