COVID-19 and the DRC

COVID-19 and Returning to Campus

If you are a student, instructor or employee registered with the DRC, you may reach out directly to your access consultant by email or phone to schedule an appointment. 

If you are a student, faculty or staff member and you wish to register with the DRC, you may find information on how to register at these links.

If you are an instructor seeking consultation regarding an accommodation for a student in your class, and you know who the student's access consultant is (on the bottom of the student's accommodation letter), contact the consultant by email or phone to schedule an appointment or to have a conversation. 

If you are a supervisor seeking consultation regarding an employee accommodation, contact the employee’s access consultant by email or phone. 

If you don’t know who to contact or need to use drop-in time, please contact us at [email protected] or 612-626-1333

DRC works with individuals who have disabilities and/or health conditions. If you do not have a disability or health condition, and wish to explore additional protective gear such as face coverings, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) and the DRC/UReturn will jointly host a mask room (9:00 am to 11:00 am, Thursday mornings in W-37 Boynton Health Services) to provide you with an opportunity to browse mask options and to receive assistance to help you select the mask that works best for you. If supplies permit, you may have a single mask. You will also be provided with information on how to purchase the items. If these times do not work for you, please call 612-626-6002 to schedule an appointment with DEHS.

How will services be provided?

  • The Interpreting/Captioning Unit (ICU) will provide in-person services when possible for in-person classes, and remote services for online classes. Make requests for interpreting or real-time captioning services through the OneDRC portal. Email any ICU-related questions to [email protected]
  • Media Accessibility (Document Conversion and Media Captioning) will work remotely, and will continue to provide accessible documents and captioned media. For students/staff who are registered with the DRC, the process for requesting document conversion services is to email [email protected]; all book conversion requests can be made through the OneDRC portal
  • Instructors and staff can submit requests for captioned media through the OneDRC portal. Email any questions related to captioned media to [email protected].
  • Most tech assessments are conducted remotely and in-person as necessary. Talk with your access consultant about assistive technology (AT) assessment needs. A conversation with your access consultant may result in a referral for an AT assessment.
  • Testing accommodations will occur in a variety of formats. Due to limited capacity in the DRC, we encourage instructors to provide extended-time accommodated exams in semi-private or private space arranged by their department. Alternatively, instructors can create online (Canvas) or alternative assessments that meet their needs while making exams more accessible to more students.. More information is available on the DRC Testing web page. DRC Testing staff are available at [email protected] for consultation. 
  • Access assistance will be provided remotely if possible; in-person as necessary. Contact [email protected] with questions.

If I come into the DRC, will I have to wear a mask?

We are following University of Minnesota guidelines please visit  the Safe Campus COVID-19 Response page for more information

As of August 30, 2021, the DRC will offer appointments and meetings remotely by phone, or by video conference (Zoom or Google Meet), as well as in-person as necessary. We invite you to connect with us in a way that works best for you. 

What is the DRC doing to lower the risk of spreading COVID-19?

  • Reduced staff in the office
  • Remote appointments
  • Thorough cleaning protocols