Testing Information for Instructors

Students who are eligible for accommodations through the Disability Resource Center will receive an accommodation letter from an access consultant. Students are expected to meet with and/or contact their instructors to deliver their letter and discuss their accommodations.

If your student has exam accommodations, you and your student should discuss testing arrangements. Whenever possible, students should take their exams within the department. Please see our Department Resources for providing accommodations within the department. If you are unable to accommodate the exam within the department, students are able to test within the DRC Testing Center.

Syllabus Statement

Instructors are encouraged to include a statement in their syllabus outlining their expectations for exams. The Testing Center encourages instructors to include a statement clarifying:

  1. To whom the student should send their accommodation letter
  2. The location the student should plan to take their exams. How and where they should schedule.
  3. Exam information, such as duration, materials allowed, and if they're allowed to keep the exam.
  4. Who the student should include on their scheduling request: Instructor or TA.

Testing in the Academic Department:

The Testing Center encourages instructors to provide accommodations within the department as often as possible. Please see our resources for providing accommodations within the department.

There are several benefits for accommodating a student in your own department:

  • Better communication between student and instructor
  • Student is able to get questions answered faster
  • Fewer correspondence needed to set up a exam
  • Instructors receive exams back immediately

Testing in the DRC Testing Center:

If instructors are not able to provide accommodations to students within the academic department, arrangements can be made for students to complete exams within the DRC Testing Center. See testing information for instructors.

To utilize the DRC Testing Center instructors will be responsible for:

  • Checking emails regularly
  • Reviewing student’s scheduling requests for date and time accuracy
  • Utilizing the Instructor Portal to provide exam materials and administration details
  • Providing contact information for student questions during the exam
  • Ensuring the return method is correct for completed exams

For exams scheduled within the DRC:

We expect that students schedule their exams at least 7 days in advance. However, they are able to schedule up until noon the day prior up to 3 times during the semester. We ask that students schedule their exams for the date and time that the class will be taking the exam. We rely on instructors to let us know if the students have scheduled their exams on the correct dates, as we do not have access to course exam dates.

We will then send out an initial exam request to you 6 days prior to the exam. Within this request will be a link to our Instructor Portal. There you will be able to upload the exam materials, provide us with the instructions for exam administration, and let us know how you would like the exam returned. At that time, instructors can let our office know if the date and time the student has request is correct and approved. If instructors do not approve of the requested date/time, please call or email the Testing Center to speak to a Testing Coordinator.

Our office does accept physical copies of exams, dropped off in our office, however we still require instructors visit our Instructor Portal to provide us with the necessary administration details.

We will send additional requests the day prior to the exam and the day of if we have not already received the materials. We ask for exams early to be sure we have time to print and prep exam materials and instructions for the student. Please be aware if your students have conversion needs, as the exam will need additional time for our conversion team to prep.

During An Exam

We ask that you include the best contact method to reach you during the scheduled exam time. This allows us to contact you to provide clarification or answer questions for students taking an exam within our office.

Please note we do not email student questions. If you prefer email as a contact, we will email your preferred email to ask that you call our office to speak to the student directly.

Please note we are not able to text. We are only able to call or email to contact instructors.

Exam Updates/Corrections

If you find an error in your exam materials or need to provide students taking the exam within the DRC an update provided to the class, please email us the correction.

We may ask you to visit the portal to update the attached materials. You will not be able to edit or replace the file or instructions within the portal once the upload is complete. If you need to do so, please contact us.

If a student reschedules an exam, please email to let us know if you would like to provide an alternative exam version for the rescheduled exam dates.

Completed Exams:

Once an exam is completed within the DRC Testing Center, it can be returned in 3 ways.

Courier: Our courier service runs once daily leaving our office between: 9am-10am during Fall and Spring semester. Delivery times may vary during summer sessions. The courier will only deliver to a department office. A signature is required for all delivered exams.

Online: The exam will be scanned and uploaded to the Instructor Portal in PDF format. These are completed by the end of the business day. The physical copy will be secured in our office for 4 weeks then it will be shredded.

Hold for Pick-up: Instructors or department staff can come to our office at the DRC to sign for and pick up completed exams.

Please note beginning Fall 2018 in addition to exam return options of delivery, hold for pickup, and online return, we will be scanning and uploading all completed exams to the Instructor Portal. We will still utilize your selected return method to return the physical copy of the exam. The update to this process will include an automated email sent at the end of the day letting you know there are completed exams available for you within the Instructor Portal. If you would like to view these completed exams you will be able to view them through signing in to the Instructor Portal and viewing the Completed Exams tab. You will still receive the physical copy of the completed exam through your selected return method.


Canvas and Moodle Time Extension


Please visit Canvas Support Page for instructions.


Allow more time on a quiz for some students (make exception)

Moodle version 2.0 allows for special configurations for students or a group with the User Override or Group Override option. If using the group option you must first make the group in the Course Administration > Users > Groups menu.


  1. Click the quiz link on the course home page.
  2. In the Settings block > Quiz Administration click User overrides or Group overrides.
  3. On the User/Group Overrides page click Add user/group override.
  4. Click a student name or choose a group from the drop down menu.
  5. Enter a password.
  6. Set a different Close Quiz date if desired.
  7. Set a different Time Limit is desired.
  8. Click Save or Save and enter another override.
  9. The User/Group Override page displays your student/group and the special configurations. You have the option to Edit, Copy (settings), or Delete.

The original quiz configuration still applies to all students except those having an override.