Department Resources for Administering Exams with Accommodations

The Testing Center encourages instructors to provide accommodations within the department as often as possible.

Reserving a Testing Place:

The Office of Classroom Management is an excellent resource for finding open space. You can search by Classroom or Department room.

Please consider a student’s accommodation, private or semi-private space.

To provide a guide for semi-private seating, our smallest semi-private space is 5 seats our largest semi-private space is 25 seats.

Setting up a Testing Space

If you decide to have the student test in or near the department or main classroom, here are some things that should be considered or that you will need

  • Clock (be sure the clock and class clock are close to the same time) or a Timer
  • Extra exam resources (scratch paper, etc)
  • A proctor or someone who can check in on the student
  • A way the student can reach you if they have questions
  • A place to store the students backpack/materials they shouldn't have access to during the exam

Time Accommodation

Time accommodation calculator