COVID Accommodation Information

Disability Resource Center/UReturn’s Role in Determining and Implementing Accommodations

The Disability Resource Center’s UReturn is the office designated to serve all employees (including faculty and staff) with any disability or health condition requiring accommodations or workstation adjustments. If you have a disability or health condition that may warrant accommodations, please contact us at [email protected].

UReturn Access Consultants work with you and your supervisor to determine what accommodations are reasonable based on the impacts of your health condition and the barriers in the environment. These conversations and information gathering are part of the interactive process used to determine reasonable accommodations.  Your hiring department plays an important role in determining whether recommended accommodations are reasonable. 

UReturn also gathers information from your healthcare provider and explores the medical necessity of your accommodation request. In addition, we will ask questions of your healthcare provider to explore medical need versus preference. 

Unfortunately, UReturn is not able to determine or implement reasonable accommodations for individuals who do not have a disability or health condition.  For example, UReturn cannot assist in determining or implementing accommodations for individuals because:

  • they are caregivers;
  • they live with someone who is at risk for COVID and who cannot be vaccinated due to health conditions; or
  • they have a fear of exposure to COVID.

Whether or not you have a disability or health condition, you may wish to explore additional protective gear, such as face coverings, through the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.  More information, along with contacts for each of the campuses can be found at University Health and Safety Mask Support Program.

If you do not have a disability or health condition, you may also talk with your manager regarding how you may use the Work. With Flexibility Guidelines (PDF) to address your work needs.