Request Document Conversion

The Disability Resource Center converts reading materials to alternative formats for students and staff who are registered with the Disability Resource Center. The reading materials can be received by the DRC Document Conversion in three ways:

  • As course textbooks and course packs
  • Course website access
  • Uploaded as individual files

The following sections describe the document conversion process for each different type of reading material:

Course textbooks and course packs

Upon referral from a DRC Access Consultant, the DRC Document Conversion provides the University Bookstore Scholarship Desk with the name of a student currently eligible for document conversion services so that the student will be added to the Duplicate Text Program. When a student purchases a textbook at the University Bookstore Scholarship Desk, they can request that the University Bookstore Scholarship desk, by way of the duplicate text program send a duplicate copy of the book to the DRC Document Conversion to be debound, scanned, rebound and returned to the bookstore free of charge.

The DRC Document Conversion staff uses the course syllabus to schedule document conversion of textbook chapters and provide students with the reading 2 weeks prior to the due date indicated in the syllabus. Students are notified by email when the sections of the textbook have been converted and how to get access to the converted textbooks.