Captioning Guidelines for Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Working with a C-Print Captionist in the Classroom and/or Workplace

Set-up and logistics

The first time you use captioning please arrive a few minutes early to discuss equipment set-up with the C-Print Captionist.

  • Equipment will include a stand and laptop for captioning.
  • The C-Print Captionist(s) will also set-up a second laptop for you which displays the text via a wireless connection.
  • This second laptop can be placed anywhere - either on a desk, table, or stand.

Helpful C-Print tools

There are supplemental features within the captioning software C-Print. Feel free to ask the C-Print Captionist to demonstrate the chat pane and notetaking tool.

  • Chat pane – If you prefer your questions or comments to be voiced by the C-Print Captionist, this can be done via the chat pane.
  • Notetaking tool – This allows you to type in your own notes in the second laptop, which can be saved and given to you following the assignment.

Throughout the semester, communicate with the C-Print Captionist if you need to change anything regarding the captioning pane. The C-Print Captionist  can change font sizes, styles, and colors.

How to get the transcript from the assignment

You can request a copy of the transcript following the captioning assignment. The transcript can be:

  • E-mailed to you within two business days OR
  • Given to you at the end of the assignment if you provide your own USB flash drive

Understand the C-Print Captionist's role

While working, the C-Print Captionist is a neutral communication facilitator and cannot serve as a participant.

The C-Print Captionist will follow the C-Print Code of Ethics.

Additional information

If you have any questions about accommodations for testing, notetaking, or FM systems; please contact your Disability Resource Center access consultant at

You can request C-Print Captionist(s) for one-time meetings outside of regularly scheduled services.

You should advocate for what you need directly with faculty and staff. The person who can best describe what you need is you. This may include asking for the captions to be turned on before a video is shown or asking the C-Print Captionist to change the font color.

If for some reason you do not feel comfortable speaking directly to your C-Print Captionist, feel free to contact the ICU (